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Over a decade ago, JS Group was established by Mr. Lakshmi Chand Parakh in Bikaner, India in the state of Rajasthan commonly known as the Thar Desert. Mr. Lakshmi Chand Parakh has escalated the growth of the company in an exceptional way in all these years. He has framed the policies, system and infrastructure of the company in a way that the company is in immense turnover of the company rise exponentially year after year without any barriers.

We have crossed all the milestones when it comes to quality of the products that we manufacture. We have a reputation of supplying the supreme quality products countrywide and around the globe.

At JS Group, we have sculpted an eminent niche in our industrial domain and in the markets around the globe. We are engaged in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting industrial insulators, transformer bushing, Galvanize Iron Wires, Nuts and Bolts, Pure and Alloyed Conductors and Cables. Our company has won high and positive recognition in the Indian as well as international markets. Our diversified range of insulators and other products have catered to the need of several industries, for the years; which in turn have made us one of the most reputed and trustworthy conglomerates and our products are of outstanding quality, some of the highly demanded ones in the various industries. The products manufactured by us give us the benefit of an extremely high demand due to their mutually inclusive features like durability, resistance to corrosion, and high tensile strength.

Future Expansions :: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

In the near future, but at the same time we want to produce electricity in the most effecient way(without polluting the environment),this is when we started looking at solar power.

Solar energy has been by far the most effecient source to produce electricity, but the problems involved in harnessing this energy are myriad. We believe the future of electricity is dependent on solar energy and how effeciently one can convert this energy into electricity and for this to happen there is a need of a great vision and leadership,we aim to do our part in fulfilling this dream of harnessing the energy of the sun by delving into the solar power industry in the coming future.

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